Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Today Mike and I celebrated our 8th anniversary. Since it was a Tuesday and a work/school night, we just had a low-key dinner at Biaggi's, a nearby sit-down Italian restaurant. (The same one we went to for Ben's first birthday.)

Ben enjoyed some spaghetti and meatballs. (Ben loves himself some spaghetti!) I gave him a fork, which he held on to but did not use. He prefers the faster, more direct method of using his hands. All class, this kid.

He washed it down with some milk. Ben loves staws but hasn't mastered the concept yet. He still tries to tilt the cup up, which defeats the purpose of a straw. This is one of his better attempts. Generally the cup is practically upside down.

While we waited for the sundae that comes with a kid's meal, Ben entertained himself (and us) by playing peek-a-boo using the paper table liner.

(Yes, Mike wrote LOVE to me with Ben's crayons. Aw.)

Peek-a-boo was quickly forgotten when the sundae arrived. Ben used his own spoon, his hands, and had me feed him with a spoon. Anything to get ice cream to his mouth faster.

Good times!

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  1. I was wondering to myself "what happened to the anniversary?" and was finally glad to see Mike wrote love to you.

    Loved the shot of Ben holding his cup up like a bottle and the spagetti hands are adorable.