Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Ben attended his friend Scarlett's 2nd birthday party a few weeks ago. The party was held at a Gymboree playland. Ben loved all the activities and spending time with his buddy.

Mike enjoyed the activities too.

Time for cupcakes and juice boxes!

Ben took a bite of the cupcake and, of course, didn't like it.

Not such a fan of the party hat either.

But the birthday girl sure loved her cupcake.

How cute is she???!!!

Mike holding Joe and Renee's baby, Joey. We'd totally forgotten what it feels like to hold a 3 month old.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

We Be Jammin'

After much insistence, one night we convinced Bill to play his guitar for us. He was a big hit with everyone, including Ben and Lily.

For once it is Mike's feet and not mine sticking out in the picture.
Lily was so impressed, she clapped along to the music (on her "stage" of course).

Ben took a cue from Lily and joined in the clapping.

Ben was riveted as he watched from the pillow/blanket pile.

Even Wrigley enjoyed the tunes.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Little Climber

When it comes to climbing, Ben is your man. Apparently he did not inherit Gammy's fear of heights.

When Gammy got out a ladder to hang some curtain rods, Ben decided to test the ladder out for her.

Good thing Gammy was not in a hurry to hang the curtain rods. (I guess when you've waited almost a year, what is another 15 minutes?)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Day

After much needed naps, Ben and Lily were ready for more fun.

Ben immediately went back to vacuuming. He even managed to grab Lily's a few times so he had one for each hand.

Until Lily noticed and grabbed hers back.

They also spent some time with their trees. Mom got Lily a pink tree and Ben a blue tree and Grandma Jessie had TONS of hallmark ornaments for them to decorate with.

Another favorite game: jumping off their little stools that Mom and Bill got them onto a pile of pillows. This game never got old.

Another picture where just my feet make an appearance. Mike must have had the camera.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Morning

We started Christmas morning by showing Lily and Ben that Santa had visited and enjoyed the chocolate chip cookies we'd baked and set out for him.

Then we went to check out the stockings.

Lily was very excited (red eye again; lazy again). Ben, not so much.

Eventually he got the hang of it though.

I tried to sneak a picture of Mom... She always hides from the camera.

Who'd have thought a $1 slinky would be such a hit!

For Lily, the Reese's peanut butter cups were a big hit too.

For Ben, it was still all about the slinky.

Uh oh, who gave Mike the camera? I thought we learned our lesson during our visit to Albuquerque. Seriously Mike, what were you trying to capture here?

Clearly, Lily is confused by Mike's photo skills as well.

Ben got some chocolate in his stocking. As usual, not a fan of sweets.

Good thing Mom and Dad are.

Jaimee opening up her handmade Christmas present from Lily. No picture of the present. Oops. It was a lovely picture though.

And finally, the kids open some presents!

All that present-opening wore Ben out.

And Lily too. She could only muster the strength to play with her slinky while lying down.

But one look at his new toy vacuum, and Ben found his second wind!

Then it was time for our traditional Christmas breakfast burritos. Mmm. Ben was a huge fan of the eggs and spicy sausage.

The kids took a few minutes to relax and watch a DVD.

Not sure if Ben was trying to hug Lily or just passed out on top of her? Clearly it was time for a nap.