Tuesday, August 2, 2011


To steal a phrase from Jaimee, lately Ben is starting to share some Benisms. Here are a few recent ones:

1. Recently he mastered going down the stairs by himself. He scoots down on his stomach. Only he lays down on the floor in front of the stairs about 5 feet from the actual stairs. It would be sooo much faster in the morning to just carry him down, but he insists on scooting down himself. This morning, about 3 steps from the bottom, he stopped, looked at me, and asked "baba?" (this is Ben's word for bottle or cup; thankfully he is officially off bottles now!). I told him he could have a baba when he got down the stairs. He looked at me again and asked "cheese?" I told him he could have some cheese too. He gave me one emphatic nod of his head and proceeded down the stairs, like he had been holding out on climbing down those last few stairs until his demands had been met.

2. When Ben doesn't know the answer to something, he gives this serious look, shrugs his shoulders, and puts his arms up and out. Something about a 17 month old doing this just cracks me up.

3. When you ask Ben what my name is, he says "Mine!" He knows I'm mama, but apparently my name is "mine."


  1. those are so cute. I can just see him ransoming the stair descent for cheese and a drink, after all...I got pounded by his pointing finger for bites of my BBQ'd chips!

  2. Baxter can say "Mama", but refuses to address me as such. Lately he just calls me Joy. Fabulous.