Thursday, August 18, 2011

Teddy Bears

Ben recently noticed the huge teddy bear on the top shelf in his room. Brad bought it for him for Christmas before he was even born. So I took it down for him, along with the baby bear (mine from childhood). Here he is carrying around the huge bear by its ear. So gentle.

I asked him what the bear's name was. First he told me dada. I told him that wouldn't work, so he told me Bobo. And Bobo it is.

After he put Bobo on the couch, he turned his attention to the baby bear. (Yet to be named.) This bear is more his size, so he likes to carry it around. I guess he decided the bear was tired, and clearly the best place to nap is on top of the CD player.

Ben quickly got him up from that nap, at which point he gave him a hug.

And a kiss. Wish I'd gotten this pic from a better angle. Ben loves giving kisses.


  1. "Bobo" is what Connor calls vacuum cleaners.

    Love those little plaid shorts!

  2. those little feet don't look big enuf to hold him up. I think the picture of him kissing the bear is adorable.