Monday, March 21, 2016

Birthday Parties

I didn't get many pictures of the kids' birthday celebrations, which is weird because there were a ton. But here are a few that I did get.

Celebration #1 - Dinner of his choice, cake, and presents at home on his actual birthday, since it was a weeknight.

Celebration #2 - Ben's friends party at Bouncetown that weekend.

Celebration #3: Family party for both kids at our house.

Celebration #4: Liv's actual birthday with dinner, cake and presents.

We hung up streamers the night before their bdays so that they woke up to this when they opened the door. I did it for Ben too but forgot to get a picture. Big hit with the kiddos!

Ben helped her put together her Duplo Lego set. She was thrilled!

Phew, that was a lot of partying. I'm glad we've got a year to recover. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Liv at 3

Here is a glimpse at what this crazy, sweet girl is like at 3 years old. She has a strong penchant for mischief. But she is so cute that you can't help but laugh. She is definitely a fearless, wild child. Always on the go, never sitting still, endless energy...

LOVES: (odd how these almost all start with the letter B)
- Bags. She is a totally bag lady, toting a million things with her everywhere.
- Blankets. Again, she likes to bring several of them everywhere we go.
- Binkies. We have her down to just using them at bedtime, but she is still really needy with them. We need to be done with these completely soon.
- Babies. She loves her baby dolls. She likes to fold blankets up as pillows for them and make them beds. She hugs them to her and makes a crying noise and tells me "baby sad; me make baby better" and then rocks her baby.
- Brushing my hair. And making me a "pony."
- Big girl bed. Which is still a mattress on the floor that she rolls out of often.
- Foods: Starburst, Chicken in a Biscuit crackers, juice, berries, watermelon. She's not a big eater though.
- Favorite Color: Purple

- Spaghetti-Os. Ben loves these. I made them one night for dinner and gave her a bowl. She threw them up in the sink. No joke.
- Being told no. But doesn't every 3 year old hate this. :-)

- Size 8 shoes
- Size 3T tops
- Size 2T or 3T bottoms
- 29 pounds (I think--her well visit is in a few weeks.)
- Almost potty trained! She asks to go or just goes and uses the potty herself 90% of the time. But if she is not in the mood or busy, she will go in her pull-up. She wears undies over her pull-up every day and loves her undies so much. We need a weekend where we have no plans to just take off the pull-ups and give it a serious go. I think she is ready and would do well.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Ben at 6

Here is a glimpse of Ben at 6 years old. He is silly and smart, kind and strong. He remembers everything and loves to learn. He is ahead of the curve in school, reading since before Kindergarten started, in the special advanced math group, and earning all Ms for Mastery on his progress report. But he is also the class clown, struggling a bit with focusing and following directions.


- Legos. Oh, how he loves the legos.
- Star Wars. He resisted for a while but now he's joined the dark side.
- Stuffed animals. Still. Especially lions and dogs.
- Paw Patrol. He requests this show daily.
- Sports. Any... It tends to shift with each season.
- Shorts. They are all he wants to wear. We fought about this often before school in the winter.
- Gum, Starburst, Fruit by the Foot, Popsicles, turkey/chicken, strawberries, pancakes, bacon.
- Favorite Color: Red

- Bed time. Though the dramatics have reduced dramatically.
- Brushing his teeth. I don't know why.

- Size 12 shoes
- Size 6 tops
- Size 5 bottoms
- 47 pounds (last I checked)