Friday, January 29, 2016

Lego Organization

Like any 5 year old boy, Ben is majorly into Legos these days. He loves the City and Superhero sets, and often will rebuild old sets. For that reason, we save all the booklets. And we desperately needed a system for storing the booklets, train tracks, and Legos that made it easier to find random pieces when he does a rebuild. Or when he builds something from his imagination.

During the holiday season, I was at Michael's getting some supplies for Ben's classroom party when I spotted this guy, which just happened to be the deal of the day--50% off. I snatched it up thinking it would be great for Lego sorting. I can't remember the exact price but it was around $25 on sale. I'd been looking at other options at Ikea, and this was much cheaper than those units.

Putting it together was a breeze, but then we had to separate all those Legos into colors. All of us worked hard, and got it done.

More than a few times, this has come in handy as Ben searches for a specific piece, and can now just sort through a small group rather than the entire huge pile. And let's be honest, it is usually mommy who is called in to help, so this is a big win for me too!

I let Ben choose which colors went in which slots and how to group them. He did a great job and it has been working like a charm!

It even rolls around, so if he wants to build elsewhere than the playroom, he can. Though since the play table is in that room, it typically stays put. But good to have options!

Keeping it real--here is how the table generally looks. Always some sort of build in progress.

We store the boards and train tracks in one drawer, and the booklets in the other drawer.

Hallelujah for organized Legos!