Saturday, May 28, 2016

Livvie's Looks

It will come as no shocker that Liv insists on picking out her own outfits, and she has no concept of "matching." Here are a few recent looks that she wore to daycare. Can you tell she's really loving those new sparkly shoes too?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Livvie's Room

Liv got this new Pottery Barn Kids big girl bed once she proved she wouldn't roll right off.

I made it up nicely, but it didn't stay that way for long. Little Miss Pack Rat insists on 30 stuffed animals and 20 blankets piled on her bed.

Then we got her a new dresser because the antique hand-me-down Mom gave us, while cute, has drawers that are really hard to open. Liv was always frustrated with them, as she is really a "me do" girl and doesn't want any help.

I stalked a beautiful dresser on Pottery Ban Teen for a few months, but even with sales and coupons it was 1k, and I just couldn't pull the trigger on spending that much. I still long for it a bit, but after seeing this much more affordable ($250 including tax during a sale) Ikea Hemnes dresser assembled (thanks Mike) and in her room, I'm good with our decision.

She chose what would go where and helped me move all of her clothes into the dresser. Liv really likes being a helper these days.

She picked the bottom drawer for her nighttime pull-ups. I'm happy to report that she is basically potty trained (except nighttime). According to her teacher, she is doing perfectly at daycare--not even wearing pull-ups at nap anymore. She has the occasional accident at home, but by and large she is trained. Yay!

The top drawers of the dresser are just a touch too tall for her, but she doesn't mind getting on her tip toes or pulling up her stool to check things out.

We still need to hang her ceiling fan and swap out some art work to bring in her beloved purple, but other than that her room is set for a while. Now, on to my million other projects...

Monday, May 23, 2016

Lazy Weekend

This weekend we finally had some decent weather, so we spent our days at the park, playing in the new kiddie pool, riding bikes, and hanging out around the house. Here are a few videos.