Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Ben was very excited for Halloween this year. Last year he was still too young to "get it" but not this year. He chose his costume -- a dinosaur. And he couldn't wait to hand out candy and go trick-or-treating. While we waited for Dad to get home from work, we sat on the front step and Ben handed candy out to all the kids. He loved this!

Once Dad got home, we turned out our lights and headed out to do our own trick-or-treating. I felt bad not being there to hand out candy, but neither of us wanted to miss seeing Ben.

This is him roaring. Not a great photo, but a great roar.

On our way to the first house.

He did a great job of saying trick-or-treat and thank you. I thought he would be scared or shy, but nope. He was excited!

Here he is waving bye to the first house.

We have a neighbor that we often see out walking his dog, Ike. Ben loves Ike and asked us several times the last few days if we could trick-or-treat at Ikey's house. So here he is saying hi to Ike.

Last year we went to two houses and Ben was over it. Not this year. We went around the entire block choosing houses. Probably 15 or so total. Big success.

Around 7 p.m. we headed home and I begged Mike to get a picture of me with Ben. You can also see the pumpkins we carved. Mike's is a Chicago Bear's "C" and Ben's is a "scary face," per his request. Mine is hidden behind my rapidly increasing body.

Once we got inside, Ben wanted to check out his loot and sample some candy. He had a sucker and then insisted on trying a few pieces of chocolate, until he tasted them and remembered he doesn't like chocolate. Both pieces of chocolate were quickly discarded into Dad's willing hands.

He even offered me one of his beloved suckers. Such a good sharer!

Happy Halloween, until next year!