Thursday, February 17, 2011

Birthday Boy

It was a work/school night, so we couldn't party too hard. But Ben does love to party, and we had to celebrate his first brithday somehow, so we decided on a quick dinner out at Biaggi's.

While we waited for our food, Ben shared his snacks with dada.

Not only was it Ben's first birthday, but also his very first kid's meal. It was a total waste, as he barely ate anything, but it seemed appropriate to get him his very own meal for his birthday.

While he didn't eat much of his kid's meal, he did make a good dent in the sundae that came with it. Surprise, surprise, my kid loves sweets.

That's good stuff!

We got home with just enough time to open presents before a much needed bath. Ben was way more interested in the wrapping paper than the gifts themselves.

Happy birthday Ben!


  1. Man, that last ice cream shot is CUTE!

  2. I liked the hand in the mouth shot. Looks like mama!