Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Arboretum

On Sunday morning we met up with our friends Meg and Ed and their daughter, Scarlett, to check out the Children's Garden at The Arboretum. Meg and Ed told us it was a great place for kids, and they were so right! I don't know why we waited so long to check it out.

We met in the arboretum's restaurant for a quick breakfast. Ben gave Scarlett a nice hug to start the day. (Anyone have any camera recommendations? From this pic, it is clear that my camera is starting to go... Or is it just my skills...or lack thereof?)

Then we were off to check out the garden.

Ben really loves anything to do with water, so this fountain was a big hit.

He was really excited to be able to run wild here. It was nice to be somewhere so kid-friendly.

Then there was a little climbing...

And more water fun. Ben left this water feature kicking and screaming, but he was quickly appeased by the next attraction.

At one point the kids were separated, then ran to each other when they spotted one another.

With an unfortunate outcome... Poor Ben took the brunt of this one.

Next it was on to the bridges. Big fun!

Scarlett tried to make this wall into a seat. They were starting to get tired and slowed down at this point...
But the excitement of this bridge gave them their second wind. They went across this thing at least 4 or 5 times and would have kept going...

A short break on the hill. They loved running (or scooting and falling) up and down the hill.

Until Ben spotted the bark. He has a fascination with bark... Yeah, I have no idea what is so great about bark; go figure.

Our last stop was the maze area. They held hands. Cutest.thing.ever.

Then Ben crashed in the car. It was a fun but tiring day.


  1. Thank goodness he was wearing his plaid shorts. That looks like a cute place. I told Emily that someday she'll have to come with me to Chicago to hang out. We could add that to our list of attractions to visit (if we go before the kids are in high school).

  2. It's so cute to see them holding hands. I love the pictures of Ben with the water.