Monday, August 22, 2011


Ben is still a really big fan of peek-a-boo. Tonight he decided to play an impromptu game at the table while having strawberries after dinner.

He also had his 18-month check-up this afternoon. (Hence the subway for dinner; we got home after 6 from his appointment.) All is well; pretty uneventful appointment...


  1. He is so cute. But, all I could think while watching the video is "Boy, Dee is going to lick off all that strawberry juice if she gets a chance!"

    I loved how he put both hands up after you told him you could still see him cuz he was using one to eat a strawberry.

  2. That's adorable. I love how he looked surprised and concerned for a minute when you asked him to say "bye-bye."

  3. This is adorbs!!!! I love the one-handed move, the little laugh, the dramatic reveal, and his fond remembrance of his old high chair. I can't wait to meet him.