Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sunday Morning

Here are Mike and Ben "reading" the Sunday paper. This particular day Ben figured out how to climb up onto the bar stools without help. He's fast too. Once up, he was very curious what dada was doing.

Reading the paper with Ben sometimes presents a challenge. Poor dada.

We tried the comics, thinking it might hold his interest a bit more.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


On Saturday of Easter weekend, we took advantage of the nice weather to do a little yard work. Ben got in on that action. He was a huge help to dad while he mowed the lawn.

Saturday afternoon Ben's BFF Scarlett came over for a playdate. Meg made rice krispy treats for us. Scarlett was a big fan -- especially when she found the M&Ms Meg hid inside the rice krispy "eggs."

Ben, never a big fan of sweets, ate a few bites, surprisingly. I think mainly because he saw Scarlett eating it.

After dessert, the kids decorated eggs for the first time. Ben kept trying to eat them rather than decorate them. Only this kid would rather eat the egg than the rice krispy treat.
As for the egg decorating, Ben really just wanted to drop the eggs into the cups and watch the colored water overflow.

Scarlett had fun decorating the eggs with crayons. The kids might have also tried to dye the crayons too.

It was messy but fun and cute.

Ben inspected the fruits of his labor.

Mommy tried to keep the process tidy, but it was really a losing battle.

Ben eventually discovered that he could peel these eggs. Big fun, apparently.

Now can I eat it mom?

Scarlett was still on task.

We ended the night with some fun tunnel playing.

And no party is complete without golf!

On Easter morning, Ben was very excited to see what the Easter bunny left him.

I got him to wear the ears for about 10 seconds.

This "lambie" which Mike named Bert (worst stuffed animal namer ever) was a big hit with Ben.

Sunday afternoon we went to the Tammaro's house for dinner. Ben got three more baskets. Spoiled kid!

Lambie made the trip.

But Lambie was quickly discarded when Ben spotted the broom and dust pan on the deck.

Then it was time to open Easter baskets. Lots of good stuff!

These eggs had $5 bills in them. Nana knows a very generous Easter bunny. The other day I taught Ben to say "cash money, yo" as we were going through the drive-thru ATM. I asked him to say it when he got the money out of the eggs, and he obliged. When he saw the laughs he got, he kept saying it.

Side note: Look at Dee licking her lips in anticipation.

This bubble wand from Brad was another huge hit.

Hey look, proof that I was actually there!

Unfortunately Ben was not in the mood to take pictures.

But I kept trying...

We never did get a winner.

I guess this is where things went downhill.

Ben's sippy cup didn't seem to be working, so I tested it out. Nope, not working.

And every year, without fail, Mike and Brad arrange the bunnies in "compromising" positions. It just wouldn't be Easter without a few pervy bunnies.

Happy Easter!