Saturday, August 31, 2013

Accidental Vegas Video

I figured out why all my Vegas pictures look weird. I knew the camera got put on a weird setting, but when I uploaded pictures I noticed there was a video on there I didn't remember taking. Turns out each time I was taking a picture, the camera was on video and I was getting short snippets. It resulted in a few minutes of randomness on wedding day. Pretty funny.


I finally uploaded pictures from the camera, and there are a bunch of random pictures from July.

A trip to Egg Harbor for breakfast. I am so grateful that a waitress of TGI Friday's showed Mom and me this trick for the car seat. Olivia is so happy to sit like this and watch the party.

Ben was playing it cool, apparently. As cool as you can get playing with trains at breakfast anyway.

Feeding the ducks.

Oh, the hair... I guess you can see where Liv gets her hair. Mine is looking less than glamorous too.

Siblings! Don't worry, Mike was standing right there, ready to catch Olivia should Ben let go. But he never does. He is a good brother to her.

Wow, what a group!

Races on the bridge, a favorite of Ben's.

Here are the kids one morning before school. Ben was keeping Olivia company while I finished getting dressed. This was before she really started rolling a lot. It is not wise to leave her on a bed unattended any longer.

Both kids ready to lick Dee... Not sure why?

Another morning where Ben entertained Olivia for me while I got ready for work. A safer spot now that she is rolling around like crazy. She LOVES her jumpers.

Tummy time. I just had to get a few shots of the hair. It was a particularly crazy hair day.

Friday, August 23, 2013

A Few More from Vegas

I uploaded some pictures from my phone, and a few are from our Vegas trip.

Ben and Olivia hanging out on the bed one morning. Ben is a good big brother to her, and she just loves him. So sweet!

And here are a few from right before we headed to the Gaffney's pool. Mom was holding her for me while I got ready. Olivia sure thinks she is a pretty little thing!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

This Can't Be Comfortable Either

Remember how I mentioned that Liv really likes to contort herself into strange positions?

Well, she's at it again...

You definitely don't want to leave this one unattended for long unless she is securely strapped into whatever you put her in.