Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weekend Activities

Last weekend while Mike was golfing on Father's Day, I thought we'd make him some cards. This was a great plan in theory. But not in practice.

Ben did fine, but Liv was, of course, a disaster.

But man did she have a good time! I think there was more paint on her arms than her paper. And that paper was loaded.

Ben and I were pretty amused. Until I took her up to the shower to hose her down. She was NOT a fan of that.

Later that day we finally pulled out our clearance pool from last fall. I buy a new pool on clearance each September. I got this one for $15.

It was a hit, but we've had such rainy, cloudy, cooler weather lately. After about 45 min, the kids got cold and decided to get out for a little snack.

That was a lot of water for an hour of use. Note to self to only pull this thing out on very warm days when we'll get good use out of it.


  1. that looks like a sweet pool!!! we must come give it a try!

    1. I know. For $15!!! Yes please come swim with us. Ben would love a pool buddy.