Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dollie Diaper

Liv adores this dollie that Grammy and Grampy bought her for Christmas. It goes everywhere with her, and she has to have it in her crib when she sleeps. (Making it hard for me to wash it--this doll has seen better days.)

Saturday she decided that dollie needed a diaper change. She kept telling me "dollie poo poo, mama." Then she went over to her changing supplies, grabbed a few wipes and a diaper, and got to work. 

Notice that she is changing dollie face down. I wonder what she'd think if I used that "motherly and loving" technique?

All done! She was having a little trouble with the finer points, but we worked together and eventually got it on securely.

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  1. To wash a prized piece, do what I did and let her sit in front of the washer while it washes and in front of the dryer while it dries...throw in sucking the thumb the whole time and you get the picture. Remember???