Friday, June 12, 2015

Pre-School Graduation

I didn't know Pre-K graduation ceremonies were a thing, but apparently they are. Creative Wolrd held their ceremony for Ben's class at 6:30 on a weeknight, which was a bit inconvenient since Liv goes to bed at 7 generally.

But it sounded too cute to miss, and Ben had worked so hard on the song and poem that they performed. He was so excited--of course we had to go.

His class, with Ben in the middle.

I recorded their song. It is alternate lyrics to Taylor Swift's Shake It Off. It's hard to make out the words, but it goes something like "readers wanna read, read, read, read, read. I'm gonna do my best, best, best, best, best. Do my best, do my best..." and so on.

Getting his diploma from his beloved teacher, Ms. Keri.

Posing with the family afterwards. He was in a rush to get to the lobby for cake. But seriously, how cute is this kid? OMG.

Livvie was pretty much over it and overtired at this point, but she hung in like a trooper. She wanted nothing to do with wasting time changing into the dress I brought for her, so she basically looks homeless.

Before the kids came in, we got a few instructions about returning the caps and gowns from one of the directors. In the middle of her explanation, Liv jumped off her chair, ran up, hugged the director, and gave her a fruit snack. LOL, this kid.

Some pictures with his friends.

Finally, it's cake time for Ben. He's sitting with two of his best buddies--all three kids have gone to Creative World together since they were infants.

Hard to believe he'll be starting Kindergarten in August!

Here is the diploma and photo that Creative World took. Ben has since informed me that he does not want to be a construction worker. He's moved on to a teacher. It will be something new next week.

Meanwhile, Jack graduated high school. I am not ready for that day. 

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