Monday, June 15, 2015


Ben is at that age where sports have taken over. Sports and African cats, but I digress.

Saturday we had his last park district league basketball game from 9-10 and his first tball practice from 10:15-11:30. It was a lot of sports. And a lot of time to keep Liv entertained.

After their last game, we had to change and head out quickly to get to t-ball, but Ben got a quick congratulations from the head coach, Ms. Susan (a former daycare teacher to Liv), and she presented him with his medal. He could not have been prouder!

He changed into his baseball gear in the bathroom, and we were off to t-ball.

Liv sat in this chair for about 10 seconds. She spent the next 1.5 hours getting into mischief, including playing in the dirt/mulch, dumping her snack on the ground (on purpose), stealing sunflower seeds from Mike's stash, and occasionally running off. Good thing she is cute.

It's gonna be a long t-ball season!


  1. I continue to be thankful that Oliver has ZERO interest in sports, and Adelaide can't stick with anything to save her life! :)

  2. He does look proud of himself. It's great that he and Mike both love sports and can bond with them.