Sunday, June 21, 2015

5 Reasons Why Mike is a Great Dad (Happy Father's Day!)

This Father's Day, I wanted to give a shout out to Mike's efforts, which often go unmentioned and unappreciated by all of us. Sorry that we don't tell you more often that we appreciate all that you do and we love you!!! I mean, just look at these two pictures--what's not to love?

1. Midnight feedings. When Liv was in that "wake up once a night around 1 a.m." phase, Mike and I took turns getting up with her. When he noticed that it took me several hours to fall back asleep, he took over this task every night. This earns him a high-five as a dad and as a husband!

2. Sports. God help Ben if it were up to me to teach him about sports. Mike watches the games with him on TV, teaches him the rules, practices with him, and attends every practice and game. And when Liv's time comes, I know he will be just as excited to guide her.

3. Cooking. Specifically, biscuits and gravy. Both kids (and me) love this breakfast. Mike makes it for us often, even though he is not a fan and doesn't eat it himself. That's love. And he does most of the cooking, in general. I can throw together tacos or sandwiches, but if it is something fancier, Mike is in charge! And he is teaching Ben that real men do cook.

4. Rough housing. I'm not really a rough housing kind of gal. Luckily for the kids, Mike is a rough housing kind of guy. They both love it when he tosses them in the air, pretends to be their horse, tackles them, and chases them.

5. Reading, putting together Legos, and just hanging out. Mike is always willing to spend time with the kids doing their favorite activities.

And let's not forget his fur baby, Dee. He loves this dog with all his heart and takes the best care of her. Getting up to let her out in the middle of the night when needed, taking her on a walk every night, checking her tumor area weekly to see if it is returning (sadly, it does).

Happy Father's Day, Daddy. We love you!!!


  1. He's not my Daddy, but I love him too.

  2. Cute post! Gotta love Mike.. I miss him & his crazy shenanigans! I actually had a dream about you guys last night.. we went on vacation together & had the best time.. miss you both!!