Monday, June 2, 2014

Breakfast of Champions

Mike went golfing early on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, so I promised Ben we could go to McDonald's for breakfast, special treat. Every time we drive by one, he asks if we can go in and eat. Grammy and Grampy used to take us to McD's sometimes for breakfast before I'd go to work when they were here waiting for Liv to arrive. I guess he missed going. They taught Ben all about the big breakfast with hot cakes, so that is what he ordered.

Meanwhile, Liv was an absolute beast. She is going through a phase. A bad phase. A "refuse to sit in a highchair, want to grab everything and see how far I can throw it, and make the biggest mess possible" phase. This is not my favorite age.

After trying the highchair unsuccessfully, I tried holding her on my lap. She grabbed at everything, threw food on the floor, and squirmed to get down. So I let her sit on the bench. That last 2 minutes.

Please note, I did have her in adorable silver sandals to match her Memorial Day dress, but she pulled them off and threw them. I gave up after the third try. Like I said, a bad phase. :-)

Besides the ick factor of her bare feet on the bench, I was happy with this arrangement.

Until this happened. Not only did she crawl up onto the table, but she sat on the tray. Oh, this kid. (My mantra.)

Ben sat across from us, eating syrup directly from the packet. But hey, at least he was quiet and not throwing things or climbing the table. Four is a good age for taking kids out and about. 14 months, not so much.

To top it all off, she got mad on the way home because she threw both her dolly and her paci, and I couldn't reach them to hand them back to her. So she cried the entire. way. home. 

(Side note, she is in a big girl car seat now. Since she is our last, I went with a seat with a little purple, just a little girly.) 

They probably have our picture up on the "do not serve" list at McD's.


  1. hahahaha at least it was MCDs -- they can handle crazy toddlers!

  2. Never a dull moment, eh?! The days of leisurely, relaxing breakfast (or meals in general) are DONE for now!

    1. Absolutely. We rarely go out to eat anymore. It is just not worth it with Liv. Ben's is well-behaved and awesome to take though, so it gives me hope that we can resume eating out once in a while in a few years. ;-)