Friday, May 30, 2014


Ben has always been a huge fan of popsicles. They are his treat of choice most every night. One night, Liv noticed that he had one, and she wanted it desperately. So we gave her her own. Loved it!

On Memorial Day, I promised Ben we could make S'mores in the fire pit in our backyard. We had beautiful weather all weekend, and then on Monday around 5 p.m. a huge storm came through. Literally 10 minutes before we were ready to go out and start a fire for S'mores. Poor Ben. He was disappointed, but the excitement of the storm meant he handled it pretty well. I told him we could make S'mores on the stove instead. Classy! :-)

Ben roasted all the marshmallows with my supervision, and then dug into his (sans chocolate, of course). We made a few for Mike, Liv, and me too. And from the looks of this picture, I'm guessing Dee got one too.

Liv didn't really seem to care about the S'mores, but she sure liked being a part of the party.

This is her mid-squeal. She was so excited!

Assembling a S'more for me. We put 'em to work young around here! :-)

On a side note, Liv is really obsessed with putting things down the front of my shirt. Usually her paci or a toy. But this night she shoved a fully assembled S'more down my shirt. Melted chocolate everywhere. Oh, this kid. She is aging me many, many years.

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  1. oh, love that kid and love her hair. you guys definitely got two quite different individuals for children. Liv reminds me of you when it comes to anything called a "party".