Sunday, June 8, 2014

Water Play

Saturday afternoon, Ben got into his bathing suit. For no apparent reason. So I suggested we pull out the water table. This was Liv's first time using it. She was a fan!

At first, she just wanted to check out all the toys. As Ben was opening up the bucket, he told her "Don't worry, Bean. There are plenty, so we can share."

This week they kick off summer camp at Creative World, which means water play days on Tues/Thur, so both kids needed water shoes. Ben's been asking for crocs, so I picked them both up a pair the other day. How cute is she in her little pink crocs?

Ben found the mini watering can and decided to give the flowers a drink.

Liv loves her dollies. She spotted this one on the table (it talks so I tried to hide it from her so she wouldn't get it wet). I should have put it up higher, because she spotted it, and then I couldn't pry it out of her little hands.

Luckily, dolly stayed relatively dry and is still functioning.

Then we had an incident where Ben misunderstood my suggestion and sprayed Liv in the face with the hose, so she was done. We snuggled in a towel for a few minutes, then she wanted in her own chair, and eventually up on the table (this kid loves to sit on tables). What a ragamuffin.

Here is the video of our "misunderstanding." I told Ben I wanted a video of Liv playing with the hose, so could he spray it at her? He took me literally. I meant "toward" her but said "at" her. Ben acts like such an adult sometimes that I forgot he is only 4. Not his fault. Bad Mom. Poor Liv.

Thank goodness the hose nozzle was on the mist setting and not jet!


  1. Liv's hair is the real tour de force in this post.

    1. LOL. Her hair is a force to be reckoned with. And I wouldn't even call this a bad hair day. It is average here. It is super curly and, like Mom's, even crazier in the humidity. And she yanks hair clips out of her hair the instant you put them in. The only thing that works is a pony tail or pigtails on the top of her head, which is cute. But I can't get her to sit still long enough to get one in. Her teachers manage it somehow. They are miracle workers.

    2. When I said like Mom's I meant Liv's mom--me. Not you Sharon Kaye. Your hair is lovely year-round!

    3. am I the only one who knew you were talking about yourself?

    4. Apparently. You must have a better opinion of your hair than the rest of them. HAHA. :-)

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  3. Aww I miss them! Haven't seen them in forever! I too, thought you were talking about Sharon Kaye! LOL! Better take that girl in for a hair relaxer treatment. Just kidding, it's cute. Benny is as cute as ever too. Miss you all!!!!

  4. You should rename this blog the Wild Hair! I think her hair is cute, cute, cute! All those curls remind me a little of Shirley Temple. I wonder how long it will be before she decides to get a little payback and squirts big brother with the water hose?