Monday, June 23, 2014

Split Lip

Apparently, it is a Tammaro rite of passage to fall and split your lip open. It was like deja vu when I got the call from Creative World telling me that Liv had tripped and hit her lip on a low shelf and split her lip.

I headed over to get her, then we headed to the offsite Edward ER a few miles from daycare. This is the same place I took Ben when he did the exact same thing at 2 yrs old. They are never busy, so you get in and out quickly.

Liv was not thrilled to be there. It was almost noon, and she'd missed lunch (because they didn't want to feed her while her lip was cut open) and she was overdue for her nap.

They told me she barely cried when it happened. She was happy and calm when I picked her up. She was saving the drama for the ER.

I was trying to get a good photo of her cut, but her bottom lip is so pouty, it is very hard to see the cut (which is good). You can see that the inside of her lip was swollen and bleeding and starting to bruise. Under the bottom lip, it was cut open and bleeding as well.

The doctors conferred and decided stitches (like Ben got) weren't needed. They used a glue instead. I was grateful that we didn't have to go through sedating her and the numbing shots to the lip like we did with Ben--that took years off of my life. But she still had to be confined in a papoose-type thingee while they cleaned and treated her lip. She was not a fan, to put it mildly! I mean, this is the child who won't lie down on her back for 30 seconds to get her diaper on. I have to put on her diaper with her on her stomach.

To add insult to injury, she wasn't allowed her paci for an hour while the glue dried. That was one of the longest hours of my life. She cried these heart-wrenching sobs, staggered loud breaths like she was going to hyperventilate. And she kept trying to get to my purse, because she saw me put her paci in there.

Finally, the paperwork was done and we were free to leave. She calmed down a bit, and fell right to sleep on our way home.

Once we got home, she woke up, shoved her weight in blueberries in her mouth for lunch, and then took the rest of her nap. She woke up like nothing had happened.

Poor baby is healing well. Now if she'd just take the antibiotic they prescribed, all would be well. Alas, Liv and meds are like oil and water--they don't mix. :-)


  1. I love that she's asleep, but still holding her dolly. Now that is a real multitasker for you! And so proud of you to be such a good blogger you got pictures in the middle of chaos...WELL DONE.

  2. Ugh I can never comment from my phone, so annoying!
    Glad Livvie is ok, poor thing! That ER is super nice, I must admit. If you have to go, that's a good one to go to. Glad she got the easier treatment of the two, but still no fun for you or her. Glad she is on the mend!