Friday, June 20, 2014

Liv's 15 Month Well Visit

Liv had her 15 month well visit yesterday. We switched doctor's offices, and Mike and I were both very happy with the new doctor. He was incredibly nice, very good with Liv, despite her antics, and gave her a very thorough check.

She is 21 lbs 7 oz (51%) and 30.5 inches (44%). Everything checked out well with her. He was unconcerned with her laryngomalacia, as long as we feel it is getting better (which it is, though it is definitely still there).

I also brought up our concern that she is not walking yet, but lately she has been taking 3 or 4 steps. He felt that since she is making progress, we shouldn't worry. We are going to reasses at her 18 month, if she isn't walking by then. I mentioned that her feet really turn out, and that maybe that is why she struggles to walk. He said it could be a factor, but he checked her feet and range of motion on her ankles, knees, and hips, and they were all fine. He said it is just the way she is made, and as long as she starts walking soon, it is fine. Likely, she will correct this on her own as she gets older.

During the entire appointment, Liv was wanting down to explore, getting into everything (including the garbage which was hidden away in a cabinet), crawling around like a crazy woman, clapping for herself, grabbing at Dr. Lo's medical tools, and just generally acting like our sweet, crazy Livvie Lou. He told us she had quite a personality and was a sweetheart, and that he would not likely forget her. :-) At one point he sat back and jokingly wiped his brown and said he'd had his workout for the day now. I had to laugh because that is exactly how I feel after spending time with her too--she keeps you on your toes!

We were also concerned that she doesn't say many words, but he said that at 15 months, 4 or 5 words is all that is expected. Liv says hi, daddy, mama, and doggie, so he was happy with that. She also signs "more," which is super cute. Ben walked and spoke so much earlier, that my perspective is skewed. He jokingly told us that Ben is ruining it for Liv. So true; I'll stop comparing them all the time. Liv just marches to the beat of her own drummer.

What's Livvie enjoying these days? Her dollies are top. She loves to hug and carry around dolls. Her paci is a must, of course. She also loves to climb on tables and the ottoman. If there is a table, she wants up on it. She still loves being carried around. Recently, she's really into "row, row, row your boat" and likes me to sing it while I pull her up and down. She loves to listen to Frozen music in the car--she screeches with excitement like she is singing along.

Foods--Blueberries are still tops, along with most fruit and eggs. She likes to eat anything Ben is eating, just because it is Ben. She adores the two munchkins we give her on "Friday doughnut day." She still has milk in a bottle once or twice a day. We are working on cutting that out. Usually it is just before bed, but she doesn't seem to be as interested lately, so we may be able to get rid of it now.

Sizes--Size 3 diapers, though she is ready to transition to size 4 soon. 18 month clothes; she can still wear12 month dresses, but they are a little short, so they work more as shirts. Size 4.5 shoes. We got her "real" shoes instead of Robeez to see if that would help with walking.

(This picture is obviously not in the timeline with the others, but it showcases her new big girl shoes and her love of sitting on tables/counters.)

Sleep--Still an awesome sleeper. She goes to bed around 7:30 and gets up between 6-6:30. We still just place her in her crib, say goodnight, and leave. She goes right to sleep on her own. Sometimes I'll take her up with her milk and try to rock her while I feed her--she generally wants nothing to do with that. She just turns toward her crib and stretches her arms out, asking to go to bed. So cute. She naps once a day at daycare (11:15 - 1:15), but at home she still takes two naps usually. About 10-12:30, and then 4-5.

Our sweet, happy, crazy Livvie Lou is doing great. Can't wait to see what is in store for us next with her!

(Notice how her foot here is turned out and her toes are scrunched up? That is how she has her feet most of the time, even when she is trying to walk...)

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  1. Man, I'm exhausted just looking at all her movements. I feel I have a real week in store for me! Looking forward to seeing you all, but especially the kids. Our truck really is in need of some car washing, so tell Ben to get ready for a 3 or 4 car wash week!