Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Eggs

Saturday afternoon, we colored our Easter eggs. At 4, this is the perfect age for this activity. Ben is young enough to be super interested but old enough to exercise a little care. Unlike last year, when he ate the dye tablets. :-) Olivia, not so much. We tried to have her at the table with us, but she was just acting crazy and didn't want to sit still, so Mike took her to another room to play while Ben and I colored eggs. Poor Liv. Better luck next year.

Before bed, Ben built a house of legos for his new cats, and then tucked them all in for a nap. The Easter bunny sent us these cats from Amazon and they arrived Saturday afternoon. The Easter bunny was going to put them in Ben's basket, but Ben saw the box being delivered and wanted to see what was inside, so Mom explained that the Easter bunny didn't want them to be late and had them sent ahead to make sure they arrived in time for Easter!

That tall part is the chimney, so Santa can deliver presents.

Here is the cast of characters: Mommy cat, baby Meow Meow, Daddy cat, and baby Bunny. I have no idea why that little bunny gets carried along with the cats, but Ben insists that he is part of their family. Okie dokie.

Then I made everyone put these on. Good times!

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