Monday, April 28, 2014


Ben is really into basketball these days. I tried to capture a video of him playing, but, unfortunately, Dee is also really into basketball these days. She thinks she is on the team, and tried to get the rebounds. Would be cuter if she didn't bark incessantly the entire time and sometimes deflate the ball when she bites into it. Ben calls her "basketball doggy" when she plays.

As you'll see here, Ben loves to pretend the kids' chairs are the timeout bench. He will take a few shots, then take a "breather" and ask us to call him back in to the game.

You might also notice that I still have not painted the fireplace wall. I was leaning toward the lighter color, and then decided I want to go even lighter to lighten up this overly brown space. So back to square one. It is on my list of things to complete in 2014. We'll see...

I tried to get another video after we put Dee outside, but it wasn't too great.

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