Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Picnic at the Park

Easter weekend we had some nice weather, so we packed up lunch on Saturday and headed to the park for a picnic and some play time.

Liv had a heck of a time. Mainly she kept busy throwing pretzels everywhere and shoving fruit in her mouth.

Dee spent her time begging and stealing food from the kids whenever she could. Which was often.

Ben insisted on keeping his PJs on all day, including our trip to the park. But he accented them with his favorite "Superman" jacket. Quite a look! I took off my shoes, so Ben had to do the same, of course. Which is a pain because he took off his socks too, and then had to get it all back on to go to the bathroom, and then off again to finish eating, and then on again to go play...

Note the pretzels and oranges smashed in Liv's fists. Oh, this kid!

Then it was time to play. Liv LOVES sitting in the cars.

She has enjoyed the swing in the past but wanted out after a few minutes this day. This is her when she wants out. She basically just gives up and lets her body hang. As I said before, oh, this kid.

The slide was a big hit though.

Liv was getting tired and Ben didn't want to go yet, so Liv and I packed it up and went home while Dad stayed with Ben to play a little longer. On our way home, Liv discovered the wheels of the stroller and was quite fascinated.


  1. mommy is always missing in these photos. tammaro needs to take the camera every now and then to prove you exist, jaysa!!! love ben's ensemble.

  2. I'm with Lesli, get in the picture some times. Liv looks so forlorn having to sit in that swing for a few seconds more than she wants.