Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday we had Meg, Ed, Scarlett and Harry over for an Easter egg hunt and egg-dying. We had them over last year as well, so it is becoming a bit of a tradition.

The Easter bunny left lots of eggs in the front yard for the kids to hunt. Ben and Scarlett were all over it. Harry (just 14 months) was just happy to be outside with the kids. Olivia slept through the entire thing inside.

Here is a quick video of the excitement:

Olivia missed out on the egg hunt, but she did sport her bunny pants!

After the egg hunt and dinner, we dyed eggs. It all went pretty well except when Ben thought the dye tablets were candy and put one in his mouth. Ick. His tongue was a lovely shade of pink that night.

Happy Easter!


  1. Can't believe how much Ben looks like Mike in the picture where he's in front of Scarlet looking for eggs!

    I just want to yell...Ben you missed the blue one in the tree!!!

  2. I liked the way that Ben hopped around like a bunny when he was hunting for Easter eggs!