Friday, April 18, 2014

Visiting the Gresholdts

I was going through photos and found these from our visit to the Gresholdt's a few weeks ago. Ben adores Adelaide (and Lesli, Mark, and Oliver too), and asked if he could go over to play.

Here are the three of them getting ready for their bike ride. Here comes trouble!

And speaking of trouble, I think we'll need to watch these two when they get a little older. Adelaide is feeding Ben already!

Also note the kiddie chairs that they stacked on top of the regular chair.


  1. amazing that she isn't dark haired. Bill and I both laugh about what your life is going to be like when he's 18 or so.

  2. He makes an exception for the lovely miss Adelaide. I think trouble will be starting much sooner than that. We are in trouble though!

  3. It's Spring and love is in the air! Of course, that first photo looks a little like the start of a motorcycle gang!