Friday, April 4, 2014


Liv is obsessed with the hair ties that I usually keep around my wrist. She is always yanking them off of me, and then chewing on them (ewww) as seen here, or putting them on her own wrist (aww).

As obsessed as Liv is with the hair ties, Dee is equally obsessed with licking Liv's mouth (big ewww). We try, and try, and try to stop this behavior. I am at my wit's end. And the worst thing is, Liv thinks it is funny and opens her mouth whenever Dee comes by. Which, of course, just makes it worse.

Good grief!

On a side note, that t-shirt she is wearing is Disney brand, 18 months. Liv is still fitting into her 12 month clothes. So why on Earth is this 18 month t-shirt so tight? I doubt she'll still fit in it by the time the weather is nice enough for short sleeves. I wish clothing stores would consistently size their clothes so we could avoid kid's outgrowing them before they wear them.


  1. the picture of Livvie opening her mouth for Dee to lick it will be one you will want to display when she is about 16 years old! Maybe Mike could use it to dissuade any boyfriends from wanting to make out.

  2. That pic of Liv and Dee is priceless. I can't stop looking at it and laughing. I may have to make it my screensaver.

  3. This seriously cracks me up!