Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day

This was my first Mother's Day as a mom of two. Very exciting!

At my request, Mike made me biscuits and gravy (favorite) for breakfast, coupled with my latest addiction - a Starbucks iced mocha.

I attempted to get a shot of me and the kids, but since Mike was manning the camera and we were working with a 3 yr old, a tired newborn and a dog, you can see it was not to be... (Ben thought I should wear that fancy necklace, if you're wondering about that look. He also preferred to keep his pajamas on all day.)

Later, Nana, Papa, and Brad came over for a late lunch. Ben was a wee bit obsessed with Brad during this visit. They spent a lot of time in the yard playing.

I tried a little rough-housing too.

And here is the art Ben made for me for Mother's Day. He was so excited that he ran in on Friday and gave it to me. He just couldn't wait until Sunday.

The kids also got me my favorite tulips. The pink ones are from Ben and the orange are from Olivia. They are both beautiful.

The kids also got me these gifts, which I may or may not have picked out and paid for myself ;-)

Olivia got me this pink garden frog. I thought it was fun and it will be going out in the yard as soon as I get the plants planted.

And Ben got me this cute blue frame. My kids know me so well.


  1. Haha! Lily's Mother's Day gift to me was the same poem printed on a paper with her handprints on it. Preschools must all be following the same Pinterest board.

  2. your lucky Liv and Ben have such good taste!