Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Jenn and family sent Ben a Build-a-Bear gift card for his birthday, but we hadn't had a chance to take him yet since Liv was born only a few weeks after he turned 3. Jenn had the great idea to take him while she was visiting, so she could enjoy the experience with him.

He chose a dog instead of a bear, but he named it Teddy Bear so I guess it is a little of both.

Waiting in line. He seemed a little apprehensive. I don't think he quite knew what we were doing.

Getting the bear stuffed. Side note: The girl asked him what his name was and he told her Ben; she asked if he could spell it and he told her "B E N." I think she was impressed. I was just happy that he wasn't being shy.

Giving it a hug.

Picking out a heart.

Washing him up.

I didn't get pictures, but he also picked out two outfits (Chicago Bears uniform and Spiderman PJs, along with a pair of tennis shoes). He has taken Teddy Bear to school every day since we got him. Great gift idea. Thanks Quinn family!

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  1. Good times! I am totally touched that he's been taking it to school, that's so sweet! give him a big hug from Aunt Jenny!