Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Big Brother

People are always asking me how Ben is doing as a big brother. And I must admit, he is doing an awesome job! He really likes telling her things and showing her things, which is super cute. He thinks she can really understand him. And Olivia LOVES him. She gets the cutest grin when he talks to her and she is always following him with her eyes when he is nearby.

Ben loves to give Olivia kisses and tell her he will protect her. Super adorable!

I realize once Olivia is walking and talking and getting into his toys, things might change. But for now, he is the best!


  1. so cute to see them together. Really makes her look tiny and petite next to Ben.

  2. Cam & Reese still get along swimmingly, so you'd be surprised, they might stay this sweet together!