Sunday, April 7, 2013

Olivia's One Month Photo Shoot

It is hard to believe Olivia is one month old today. The time has certainly flown by.

To commemorate her 1 month birthday, I thought I'd take a few pictures in this skirt that was a gift from a friend.

Anne Geddes, I'm not.

Taking pictures of a newborn is hard. I see the wisdom in paying a professional. Lesli, that means you! We need to schedule something when the weather gets better.

Here are my attempts.

And while she was laying in the crib, she rolled over!!! I didn't get a video but I did snap a few pics of the action. Ironically, Ben also rolled over at one month. Liv may have actually rolled over a week ago, but Mike couldn't be sure if her arm was tucked under her a little or not. I am quite sure her arm was not tucked this time.

Then it was time for big brother Ben to be in the pictures.

Then I thought I'd put something cute in her hair. Clips don't work in her "Danny Devito" 'do, as mom calls it. But the headband was adorable! Unfortunately, she was getting fussy at this point. The paci sort of ruins the look, but what can you do... Like I said, newborn photography is not easy.

Happy birthday, Livvie Lu!!!


  1. Great pictures! Looks like she may be taking after her cousin Lily with the colorful tutu! I really liked the photos of her and proud brother Ben together.

  2. the two of them together are so cute. those feet are adorable too.

  3. i would be happy too!so cute to see benny as a big still doesn't seem real that you have two kids instead of 1! we will never have our panera girls night again!! :) she looks so big and cute!