Monday, April 15, 2013


It has become our tradition to have dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings every Saturday night. It is Ben's favorite and Mike and I like it too. Plus it is loud, so the noise of a 3 yr old and newborn blend right in.

Here Ben and I are. Can you tell he was not in the mood to take a picture.

The Final Four were on, so Mike spent most of the night like this...

Like father like son, Ben also spent a good deal of time gazing at the TV.

And Olivia spent all her time like this. It was insanely loud in there that night, but like a trooper she slept through the entire thing. (And check out that hair. Oh, Liv. Let's hope it grows in nicely.)


  1. I like BWW! Especially Jamaican jerk boneless wings! I saw Mike with the beer, but I didn't see the wings? That Liv sure is a good sleeper!

  2. all I can say about that hair is how unfortunate! That picture of her looks like my cousin Doug when he was going bald.