Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Morning

Ben was up bright and early at 6:30 on Easter morning. Dad was already up with Liv, so Mom dragged herself out of bed and we all went to see what the Easter bunny brought the kids this year.

Ben is a huge fan of the Easter bunny and randomly yelled out "Thank you, Easter bunny" throughout the day. Adorable. Ben's not a fan of chocolate but he seems to like other stuff, so the Easter bunny brought him a Pez bunny. Big hit! I told him to hold it up to show mom. He took that statement very literally.

Then he proceeded to eat an entire package of Pez out of the dispenser and ask for more. Breakfast of champions!

I failed to get a picture of his basket, but in addition to the Pez dispenser, the Easter bunny brought Ben some Cat in the Hat books. (He is really into the Cat in the Hat since it was Dr. Suess's birthday in March and his daycare focused on that as the theme. He likes to put on his winter hat and walk around and tell me he is the Cat in the Hat.) Anyway, the books were a big hit. He also got a Thomas paint book, some new t-shirts for summer (Batman, Thomas, Superman and Lightning McQueen), a shark piggy bank, and a fox with baby stuffed animal, and some Jake the Neverland Pirate figures. Everything seemed to be a hit. I'd say the Pez, stuffed animal, and shark piggy bank were the biggest winners though.

He also helped Liv out by pulling all her stuff out her basket for her. She also got a stuffed animal, a birdie blankie, a minnie mouse rattle, some bath towels, and an owl piggy bank.

It is funny to me how much Ben loves stuffed animals. The Easter bunny was originally just going to get Olivia the lamb with baby stuffed animal but then remembered that Ben loves stuffed animals and got him one too. Good thing -- he loves this thing. He hugs it, carries it around, takes it to school and named them Foxy and Baby. Not the most original names, I'll admit.

The Easter ears last about 30 seconds. Maybe Liv will be more into them next year.

Here is Ben trying out his Thomas paint book. He basically just likes dipping the brush in water and smearing random colors on all the pages. But hey, whatever floats his boat.

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  1. Looks like fun was had by all. I wish we could have been there! In that last photo, Ben has his mischevious grin like he is planning to get you with his paint brush! Ha! Ha!