Monday, April 1, 2013

Liv's Room

I haven't posted pictures of Ben's big boy room (even though he switched rooms several months ago) or Liv's room because, sadly, neither room is done. Both still need curtains and art and such. But here are a few pictures of Liv's room, since we were hanging out in there the other day and Mike snapped a few shots.

Here Liv is in her crib. This is totally posed. She doesn't sleep in here; she sleeps in a pack n play in our room. But I put her in there just to see how she looked.

I tried very hard to use things I had on hand and not spend a lot of money in Liv's room. Mike's mom painted the room for us. I forget the color but it is a soft slightly peachy pink. The crib was Ben's (we got him a big boy bed rather than converting the crib to a toddler bed). My friend Lesli (who is very crafty and talented) made the crib skirt, floral pillow covers and blanket, so I just had to pay for the fabric. The bird pillow cover is from Etsy. The sheets were a clearance find at Target.

Mom donated the dresser. She's had it forever and hauled it up and painted it for us. I love that it is "vintage" and feminine. Mom painted the inside of the dresser raspberry. The color looks a little red in pictures (and in real life too, but more so in pics). I chose the paint so it is my fault, but with all the clothes filling the drawers, you barely see the paint anyway. The changing pad and basket I already had. I just bought the changing pad cover. The chair we also owned too.

Here is Liv fresh from the bath, mohawk and all.

As I was getting Liv dressed after her bath, Ben came in, started looking around, and discovered Liv had some books he'd never read (gifts from a friend), so we all cuddled up in the chair to read. You can see in this pic that we definitely need curtains. The bird art print is another Etsy find. That rug was a steal on but the gray looks a bit weird with the crib skirt. I love the rug but am still debating moving it to another room and getting something else for this space. The gray/white just clashes with the chair/fabric. But the room is so mix n match, maybe it doesn't matter. I am going to find curtains first and see if they help tie it all together. If anyone knows of any cute curtains that would work in here, let me know. I think a stripe would be nice to offset all the floral I've got going on.

I like how it looks like Liv is listening carefully to Ben as he "reads" us this book.

I'll be back soon (hopefully) with more/better pictures as I finish up her room.      

Also, I hung new pictures in the hall outside Liv's room -- one of her cute chubby face and the other of Ben and Liv. The other two were already there but I've never shown them before.



  1. So cute! Even though I've seen it before. Me and Adelaide enjoyed reading this.

    And Adelaide says: "I love you Ben. From Adelaide. I have a next birthday and I want you to get me something special. To Ben and Olivia."


  2. Love how the room is comming together. Liv really does seem interested in Ben's reading...or maybe she's wondering who the heck is distracting mommy from staring at her and devoting her full attention to her?