Monday, October 31, 2011


This Halloween was Ben's first chance to see what this "trick-or-treating" was all about...
Last year he was only 8 months and too little to go.

We suited him up in his elephant costume, and I tried to get a decent picture of the two of us.

Ben is so not a fan of the head piece.

Then we headed out to the neighbors to trick-or-treat.

I love how he is just dragging his trick-or-treat bag on the ground behind him.

At the first house he got a sucker, which went into the bag. We went to a few more houses, but he just really wanted the sucker out of the bag.

He was much happier once that sucker was his! (He is watching a plane fly by in this one.)

Back at our house, we hung out by the front door handing out candy while Ben knocked off his sucker. He is a good sharer though, so he offered me a lick.

He wouldn't take no for an answer and shoved the sucker in my mouth. Mmmm.

Look at poor Dee on high alert in the background.

Then he noticed the candy bowl. Without fail for some reason Ben always grabs a Milky Way out of the bowl when he can get his hands in it.

The sucker was demoted to me to hold so he could focus on the Milky Way.

And we'll leave you with a little chocolate drool.

Happy Halloween!


  1. He has good taste: Milky Ways are delicious.

    The pictures are pretty darn cute. Just wait until next year -- he will have the trick-or-treating thing down pat and be ready to roll. This was Lil's first year, but she's a little older so she had an absolute blast (pictures soon).

  2. I think you should plan next year's custome with a head-type gear. Seems he likes to be free of headgear. He sure looks cute, even with the drool.