Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Party

This afternoon was Ben's classroom's Halloween party. How could I resist?

He went as an elephant. He was not too fond of wearing the head piece.

We headed out holding hands for the parade. Notice the head piece is already off and we aren't even outside yet.

Another boy also dressed up as an elephant, and they held hands during the parade. Adorable.

They got fruit snacks as a "trick-or-treat" snack as they came back in the building. Ben was very intent on this snack.

Then we took them out of their costumes (because his classroom is always super hot) and had a party!

There was a TON of food. In addition to the fruit snacks, the parents each brought something in. There were goldfish, pretzels, cheese cubes, mandarin oranges, bananas, pizza, granola bars, cupcakes and juice boxes. It was a feast!