Wednesday, October 26, 2011

All Aboard!

Ben loves trains, so while we were in Albuquerque we thought it would be fun to take the train to Santa Fe for lunch one day.

Emily, Thomas, Connor, Jaimee, Lily, Mom, and Bill all climbed aboard with us.

We had fun exploring the train and playing. After about an hour ride, we stopped for a quick lunch in Santa Fe, which I didn't get pictures of. :-(

After lunch we let the kids run around a little and burn off some energy. Is there anything more fun than bike racks? I know a few kids who don't think so....

Then we boarded again for the trip home.

Ben tried to hang with the big kids, but his first train ride proved to be too much excitement. He fell asleep on the train and was still out as we headed back to the car. I think another train ride is in our immediate future.

Check out more pictures from our train adventure on Jaimee's blog.


  1. Man, I didn't realize how out he was until I saw these pictures. I love how he lives for the gusto no matter what he does!

  2. Poor Baby Ben. It is hard work being adorable while also trying to keep up with older kids.