Friday, November 5, 2010


Ben's first Halloween started with a little breakfast, including homemade pumpkin pancakes. Like his mama, Ben does not care for pumpkin nor pancakes. Maybe next year?

Like her daddy, Dee is a huge fan of both!

After breakfast, we played for a bit. Ben is a huge fan of clapping these days, usually for himself or Dee. (Note the shirt, which says "I'm Batty for Mommy." Can you guess who purchased that one for him?)

Once Grandma and Grandpa arrived, Ben got into his costume. He was the cutest little monkey ever. Grandma gave him a huge pumpkin pillow and a pumpkin balloon. He was quite fascinated with the balloon.

Ben got some love from his uncle Brad!

But he doesn't like to be held for long. And once he's down, he's into trouble! But how can you be mad at this face?

Ben loves his wiggly giggler and he loves Dee's water bowl. When you combine those two loves, here is what you get...

The monkey finally found his tail!

As the night wound down, Ben relaxed with the guys. (Yes, that is a couch in front of the basement stairs. We ordered special adapters online to get a gate on to the two banisters, so this is our fix until the adapters arrive.)

After a quick inspection of the pumpkins, Ben said goodbye to his guests and it was bedtime. Can't wait to see next year's antics.


  1. What a cute lil monkey! Sadly, I figured out after almost heat stroking my child two years in a row that the furry plush costumes, while totally adorable, are not for the Southern California children.

  2. Very cute costume and very cute post about a super cute kid. I was almost in shock when I clicked on the blog and found a NEW post...I was going to read about the pumpkin patch for the umpteenth time for God's sake!