Wednesday, October 19, 2011


On our first full day in Albuquerque, Jaimee and Lily took us to Explora, a kid's exploratorium. There was so much to do!

The biggest hit of the day was the bubble station. I think the adults liked this one as much as the kids.

The park came in second. This slide, in particular, was a favorite.
Note to self: Don't ask Mike to take a picture for you.  As I came off the slide, he told me "That wasn't a really good one." Really, not a good one? You mean you weren't going for a shot of my blindingly white ankles and Jaimee's knee? Hmm.

Lily loved the idea of going down the slide together in theory. In practice, not so much.
Ben was NOT happy that his little legs couldn't get him up this rope ladder. Time to go!
Lunch was a happier affair, especially when the ice cream was served.

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