Saturday, October 15, 2011

Come Fly With Me

Last week we headed off to Albuquerque to visit my sister Jaimee and her little girl, Lily. This trip was Ben's first time on a bus and on an airplane. Big day!

On the shuttle bus to the airport... He looks afraid but was actually just fine.

Once we checked in at the airport, Mike showed Ben the airplanes. They were a big hit, as were the luggage carriers, which he calls buses.

Finally it was time for take-off. Ben and Mike enjoyed the view out the window while I prayed that Ben would take a nap.

No such luck. It was a completely full flight so he had to sit on our laps the whole way, and he was up almost the entire time. He feel asleep 10 minutes before we landed. But luckily he handled the flight well, with no crying or drama.

3 hours later, we were finally in Albuquerque! Lily and Ben were fast friends (and big fans of the minivan).

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  1. too cute sitting next to each other. they look like brother and sister instead of cousins.