Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hair Cuts

Ben was in pretty desperate need of a hair cut, and I was really getting desperate when it comes to Liv's hair. Her curls are just not something I'm qualified to handle. I researched and got her a line of products by Curly Q that are organic and all-natural.

They help but really her hair was just really dry and the ends were dry and knotted. I figured it was time we get her another trim to see if it would help. This is her hair before--not the best pictures but you can see it is really frizzy and all over the place.

The last time I took her in for a trim, she was NOT having it. This time she happily watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, ate her lollipop, and didn't even seem to notice the woman brushing out her tangles and cutting her hair.

Ben also got rid of his mop. Ah, so much better!

We popped into Jewel afterward, and the kids really enjoyed this cart. Nothing to do with the hair cuts, just cute. :)

Here are some pics of Liv's hair post-cut. She's not a huge fan of posing for a picture--clearly.

So lovely--hoping it looks this good after I wash and style it.


  1. "her curls are something I'm not qualified to handle." LOL!!!

  2. Her hair looks movie star quality. Good job.

    1. Less so after I had to style it, but yes--so much better!!! It combs so nicely after we wash it and curls much less frizzy now, even in our super humid/foggy weather lately.