Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fun Run Done

Ben had his Fun Run fundraiser on Thursday. He had a great time and ran his little heart out. :-) HUGE thanks to all of you who pledged for him!!!

Nana was off work that day, so she joined Mike and me (who both worked from home so that we could attend) to cheer Ben on.

It was chilly but not freezing (in the 50s I think). We were a little cold on the sidelines, but Ben kept himself warm using up all his energy. And boy has this kid got energy. Here he is getting ready to start the run.

They got to run onto the field through this big inflatable tunnel, which was a cute touch.

As they finished each lap, a teacher marked one lap off on the back of the shirt. Here is Ben with his own teacher, Mrs. Rainaldi, getting a lap marked off.

Here he is in action (in the red headband, which all the kids were given along with the t-shirts). I have to say, he's fast. He was lapping a lot of kids. 

After 45 minutes, the run was complete and Ben had tallied 49 laps (plus we all walked a 50th lap together.) I took a picture of his shirt after he'd run more than 35 laps, thinking he was done. But nope, he just got a drink of water and then kept running until they called time.

The kids headed back in, giving the Homestead Huskie a high-5 and stopping for a class photo.

Nana and I picked Ben up from school at 11:20 (he's half day) and took him out to lunch. I assumed he'd be ready for an early bedtime, but nope--he was "running the bases" around our ottoman at 8 p.m. that night. Oh, to have his energy!


  1. Wow, he really did get a lot of laps in. That was really cute of the school to make such a big splash with the archway, shirts and headbands. Cuddos to them. When he's out grown wearing the shirt, you could put it on a frame and hang it on the wall. I will look for a "manly" frame to paint his room colors on if you want.

    1. I forgot to clarify in the post that the lap was 1/16 mile. Still, that's over 3 miles he ran. I'm thinking they do this fundraiser annually so no need to frame the shirt but I will save them all for him in his keepsake box. Thanks for offering.