Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Dawn of a New Era

Liv is finally showing an interest in television. It only holds her interest for about 10 minutes and he has to be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but I'll take it!

I've tried TV with her a few times over the past year, but she never had any interest. In MI last weekend, I noticed she seemed interested in Mickey, so I put on an episode Friday night. She LOVED it. Now she tells us "me mickey, me mickey" and gets so excited when she wants to watch.

Here she is, deep in concentration on Sunday morning. Mike looks pretty intrigued too. Mickey is serious business, apparently. (And notice those Minnie PJs--she loves Minnie Mouse.)

Ben is a little past the Mickey stage, but he told me he'd watch for Livvie. Yet when she wandered off after 10 or 15 minutes, he stayed glued to the set. :-)

Hurray for 10 minutes of quiet while I unload the dishwasher!!!


  1. It's the EXACT same in our house. Only recently did Reese get a longer attention span for shows & movies. When she was Livvie's age, it would be half the show at best & Cam would be left staring at the screen, drooling. It's always nice to distract them with a twenty minute window of uninterrupted time! For her 3rd birthday/Cam's 6th, they got Kindle Fires.. best purchase ever. There's a lot of quiet time in the car too!

  2. Show her the Hot-Diggety-Dog dance. That should entertain her. The dancing will be good for her energy. Grampy and I did that dance with Lily and Ben so much I can still sing it in my head.