Thursday, November 5, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015!

Despite another year of chilly and rainy weather, we still had a great Halloween.

We started celebrating on Friday with Ben's Kindergarten parade. Liv also wore a festive outfit. This girl loves her tutu. You can see from these pics that she was twirling. :-)

And here is Ben (SWAT guy) at his Kindergarten class parade.

Next, it was off to Creative World that afternoon to celebrate at daycare with class parties and a parade.

Liv's beloved teacher, Ms. Gloriana, dressed up as Minnie too. Liv adores her and always follows her around and wants to be her helper.

In Ben's room, things were more civilized. All the kids sat at the table nicely having a snack of apples and caramel dip and apple juice. It was an apple-themed party, since they just wrapped up a study on apples.

Meanwhile, as I hopped from room to room to hang out with both kids, Liv was still digging the water.

And Ben was being a clown, as usual.

Ms. Gloriana's last day is today and Liv will be crushed. Ms. Gloriana really favors Liv. She said other teachers have been asking her since she gave notice what she will do without Livvie? Apparently Liv is the only one to run up for a hug before she can even get her coat off, and who asks about her any time she is not at school and asks what happened when she gets back. So sweet!

Finally the parties wrapped up and it was time for the school parade. Notice which kid is walking with Ms. Gloriana and holding her hand. 

Ben's class, being school-agers, brought up the rear.

Saturday we headed out to trick-or-treat at 4 p.m. (Aurora's official hours were 4-7:30).

 Both kids really enjoyed trick-or-treating, and we hit about 20 houses despite the damp weather.

Once we got home, Ben was excited to hand out candy. Liv watched him the first few times, then decided she wanted in on that action. So Ben would give each kid a few bars, and then Liv would hold out a few bars for the kid too. Luckily, we had plenty of candy. :-)

Until next year!


  1. Poor Livvie. Hate to see her favorite teacher go. They look real cute in their costumes. Maybe you could make the pictures larger on your blog. It's kind of hard to see them with "older" eyes. Just click on the picture when you write the post and different sizes will come up. Then just click on large.

    1. can just click on the photo you want to see more closely, and a larger view will pop up. :-)

  2. Loooooove the tutu and leggings, so cute!