Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas Wrap Up

I'm a little late to the game posting about Christmas. Mom and Bill came for a visit and helped me with a project (more on that soon). With that and the kids being home most days, we kept busy! Here is Christmas Day 2014!

Present-opening. These kids must have been good this year. ;-)


There's a glimpse of our Christmas mantel. Looking a lot better than last year. Yay!

 Christmas dinner with the Tammaros! I got everyone in the pic (even Dee!)

Opening gifts.

Dee knew there was something waiting for her in there. :-)

Denise is pregnant with the next edition to the Tammaro clan. A little boy due in April. Liv was giving her a run for her money, practicing for her own baby. With Denise's patience and natural way with kids, she will be a fabulous mom!

These two may have indulged in a little too much Scotch and food.

Merry Christmas, until next year.

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  1. I'm amazed Fat Taters could get all 4 legs off the ground at once! She must've really been wanting that treat. And, noticed she was right behind Livvie's chair at Christmas dinner. The old girl knows where the crumbs fall for sure.