Thursday, January 29, 2015


With everything going on lately and Liv's recent issues with biting at school, I pulled up these pictures from the last few weeks to remember what a sweet little thing she is. I'm hoping the biting episodes are short-lived. Because while she is high-energy, she is a sweet girl.

Here is what happens when Mom tries to sit down for a few minutes. Even Dee comes running. No rest for the weary. :-)

Here we are getting ready to head out to school one day. Ben insisted on those light up Spiderman snow boots. And Liv is obsessed with her penguin boots. So cute! She has to put them on herself; if you try to help, she holds her hand up and tells you "No, no. Mine."

See how I had that tape up to paint the walls navy? Liv took it upon herself to pull it all down one day. She was having so much fun, I didn't have the heart to stop her. She was really proud of herself for "helping."


  1. OMG those two in boots are so adorable. So wonderful Liv is such a good helper with the paint must've been soooo happy. You or Jaimee went through a biting spree and we finally resorted to biting you back (I know it sounds terrible, but it was the 80's and we didn't bite hard, just enough for the child to realize that it hurt.) I'm embarrassed to admit it now, but it did stop the biting real quick!

  2. So Livvie is helping pull the masking tape off? What's next? Will she grab the cordless drill and start a new project on her own?

  3. By the way, that picture of all of you on the stool is about as cute as it can be! The only thing missing is Mike.