Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Livvie Lu's Latest

Despite her usual "rambunctiousness," Liv is surprisingly well-behaved with the Christmas tree. She is very interested in it, but besides occasionally touching an ornament gently, she leaves it alone. Hurray!

She really loves this new fuzzy white reindeer that Ben picked out this year. It is always the one she reaches for. Each year, I let the kids pick an ornament, and this was Ben's selection. Liv was napping when we went to the store, so Ben chose a cute little nest with glittery blue bird eggs for Liv, but clearly she's a bigger fan of Ben's.

She also had the class mascot "Penguin" for a few weeks, and was showing him the tree. And then put him to bed in her chair, which was super cute. She is definitely showing an interest in playing with dolls lately. Before she just carried them around, but now she will give them rides in the stroller, put them down for naps, etc. I think some doll accessories and a big girl doll are in order for her upcoming birthday!


  1. She's such a character. Love how the little guy is peeking out of the covers.