Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Decorations

Each year I like to add to our Christmas decoration collection during the After-Christmas sales. But I'm always on the look out for a good deal during the Christmas season as well. I spotted this cute little Christmas countdown sign at the $1 Spot at Target.

14 days until Christmas! Yikes!!!

I also printed out these free printables that I found on Pinterest and popped them in the frames in our family room. I like the concept, but I'm not sure these prints are right. But, they are up. And that is what counts. Meanwhile, I'm on the look out for a cute set of holiday printables for next year.

The tree is looking a little lopsided this year, since Ben was the one who placed all the ornaments. But he was so excited, it is worth it.

All the bloggers have such awesome mantles, and mine is right up there, I'd say. ;-) I can't decide if the brightly colored plastic toys or the paint swatches are the real high point.

If I zoom in like this, it looks better. So fun to see Livvie's stocking up! Our little family is complete.

Then there is the Christmas tree card holder (a clearance buy at PB years ago). This is up in the dining room.

I also got these little banners at the $1 Spot. I put them up in the playroom.

Our chalkboard wish you a merry Christmas.

The entryway shelf needs a little something. It's still a work in progress... There is no outlet on this wall, so lights are out. But maybe some greenery?

My favorite picture of Ben from his first Christmas--eating a bow; so Ben. We got this frame as a gift that year. I hope we get one for Livvie Lu. If not, I'll have to find one for her. Can't leave the bean out!

This end table sort of looks like a shrine to Ben. Might want to move one of these pics elsewhere...

Ben is really into making these little Christmas crafts. This one is up on the fridge.

Does anyone else's fridge look like this?

A little clearance PB tree and clearance Crate & Barrell mini ornaments. This is in the kitchen. Besides Christmas dish towels and hand mits, this is the only deco we have in there. Need to work on that. I like a little (or a lot) of Christmas in every room.

I popped this free printable into the frame in our organization station.

Ben received this Little People santa and reindeer toy for his first Christmas. He still loves it. He pretends to fly it around the house, delivering presents. Livvie likes to eat the reindeer.

Ben's little blue monstrosity is up in his room. It actually looks pretty tasteful with just the silver snowflake ornaments. He likes to sleep with the tree lights on. So cute.

Our hallway garland.

And that's it for the decos this year. Merry Christmas!!!

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